Maximizing Success

Successful debt recovery starts with clear communication. LCA views each client as a partner, and we offer these tips to ensure the best recovery results:

  • Provide LCA with all needed information when setting up your accounts.
  • Avoid recalling accounts.
  • Provide LCA with any new information on current accounts (bankruptcies, address changes, etc.).
  • Notify LCA immediately if you change agency contact personnel.
  • Don’t hesitate to call LCA with any questions or issues — we’re here to help.


Pre-Collection Tips for Medical Clients

These simple steps can help improve your in-house AR procedures:

  • Have each new patient fill out and sign a detailed information sheet before the first visit.
  • Ask for insurance co-payment during patient check-in.
  • When procedures are costly, set up a payment plan with the patient. Make sure all terms are confirmed and paperwork is signed.
  • Confirm patient address and contact information each time he or she checks in.
  • Don’t let overdue accounts linger. 60-90 days is an appropriate window.
  • Keep your billing cycle consistent. Make sure all statements are easy to understand, especially payment amounts.
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    The LCA employee who assisted me was exceptionally professional, courteous and, above all, caring. It is a pleasure to do business with such a firm as yours. — Consumer