Full Collection Services

Transactions are founded on good faith by all parties. In most cases, obligations are fulfilled. But businesses lose valuable revenue when agreements fall short. LCA provides full collection services that turn delinquent accounts into positive cash flow.

Delinquent Account Collections

When consumers reject payment plans or ignore debts outright, LCA takes action in a professional, ethical fashion. We use the industry’s most effective skip tracing resources to locate debtors and recover money. Our collection staff uses experience and expertise to resolve delinquent accounts and retrieve monies owed, while treating each consumer with courtesy and respect.

Legal Debt Recovery

LCA takes every possible step to resolve debt issues and maintain good relationships. When accounts remain unsettled after all measures are pursued, legal action may be necessary. LCA works with each client to assess these accounts and develop a legal debt recovery plan when needed.

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    ARMS has been very beneficial to our clients. It allows them to make payment arrangements without having the delinquencies reported to a credit bureau. ARMS and Lanier have always treated our patients with dignity and respect. They excel at making a difficult situation easier for our patients. — Radiology Group