LCA’s Accounts Receivable Management Systems (ARMS) is an effective way to resolve AR issues before they reach delinquent status. ARMS serves as an extension of your business office, with a proven track record of retrieving revenue in a cost-effective manner.

Easy Process. Proven Results.

Some AR systems get bogged down in their own complexities. The ARMS process cuts to the chase — and delivers results.

  • When in-house billing doesn’t deliver prompt payment, an account is outsourced to ARMS for 45-60 days.
  • During the 45-60 day window, consumers will receive two notices and a preset number of calls from a consumer relationship staffer. The staff member will work with the consumer on full payment or an acceptable payment plan.
  • All communication is directly between ARMS and the consumer. Payments are made directly to ARMS, and statements are sent from ARMS to the consumer.
  • On completion of the ARMS cycle, any uncollected accounts are forwarded to LCA’s full collection services.

ARMS is designed to integrate into normal billing cycles, so service fees are significantly less than full collections services. And ARMS encourages consumer cooperation by making the payment process simple and stress-free.

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    LCA handles accounts in a highly professional manner without harassing our clients. They are very efficient with collections and keeping our office informed about the status of accounts. — Cardiology Group