About Us

Lanier Collection Agency and Services (LCA) was founded in 1955 as a family-owned business. LCA is headquartered in Savannah, Georgia and our clients include medical facilities and practices throughout the region.

To begin each partnership, we schedule an initial meeting that covers the following areas:

  • A full review of your current AR processes.
  • Recommendations that can improve current in-house collections before you outsource accounts to us
  • The most effective level of services for your business, and the best account types for LCA to handle.
  • Scheduling regular on-site visits to review monthly statements and reports, answer questions, and fine-tune collection procedures for improved results.
  • Arranging delivery of client inventory reports (monthly, quarterly, etc.). Each report will list current status/balance of all accounts.

Account Support

LCA delivers complete account support designed to cover all areas — and leave nothing to chance:

  • A dedicated representative takes personal charge of your account, and is available at any time to answer questions or resolve issues.
  • Your client support team consists of an insurance specialist, lead call-back collector, lead collector, account support manager, office manager and production manager. The team is dedicated to your account and available to help you whenever needed.
  • Skilled, experienced collectors work with your client support team to ensure revenue results for you, while treating your consumers with the utmost respect. Bilingual support is also available.

Higher Standards = Greater Returns

LCA uses a simple approach when dealing with our clients and their consumers. All business practices are conducted with the highest ethical standards, and every consumer contact is based on dignity and respect. Contact us to learn more.

  • Random Quote

    Many thanks for your help with my accounts. It’s the first time I’ve been treated with respect when dealing with collection personnel. Not only are polite, but also professional. — Consumer